A 23 year old videographer, graphic designer, and photographer located in Hernando County, Florida, creating marketing content all around the world.

about me

I’ve always had an interest in computers and digital art since I was young. I started to really get into graphic design and video editing when I was about 10 years old. It really started out as a hobby and I never thought I would one day make it a career. After graduating high school I knew I had an interest in computers, so I went to a state college for Information Technology while working some odd-jobs that I knew wouldn’t last long. Soon enough after getting tired of not being passionate in my job, I started searching. I grabbed a job at a sign printing factory which led me into the direction of graphic design. Once I mastered that and realized I wanted to do something more “creative”, I transferred to their creative marketing agency as a digital producer. Today I manage website design, graphic design, video, photography, and podcasting for ourselves and our clients. The past few years I have started using these skills to pick up a variety of gigs around my area, helping smaller mom-n-pop shops get their name out there to multi-million dollar businesses showcase a new product or solution in a unique way.

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